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No.141 pdf Accidents in which children are run over at low speeds ~ Tragedies repeatedly occurring during vehicle starting ~ 2022/06
No.140 pdf Accidents between vehicles with four wheels that turns right and crossing pedestrians at intersections with traffic signals 2022/03
No.139 pdf Pedal Misapplication Accidents 2022/02
No.137 pdf Accidents due to pedal misapplication in four-wheeled vehicles 2021/04
No.136 pdf Accidents from collisions between four-wheel vehicles turning right and four-wheel vehicles going straight 2020/11
No.134 pdf Accidents caused by spontaneous starts 2020/06
No.133 pdf Analysis of the effects of collision damage mitigation brakes on kei sized passenger vehicles 2020/05
No.132 pdf Rental car accidents caused by foreign visitors to Japan 2019/12
No.131 pdf Are elementary school students being made to wear their seatbelts properly? 2019/08
No.129 pdf Motorcycle accidents on expressways 2019/06
No.128  pdf Accidents when four-wheel vehicles are reversing 2019/02
No.126  pdf Fatal accidents caused by later-stage elderly people driving kei-passenger cars 2018/03
No.125  pdf Rear-end collision accidents between four-wheel vehicles and bicycles 2018/03
No.124  pdf Accidents due to the misapplication of accelerator and brake pedals 2018/03
No.122  pdf Crossing collision accidents involving cyclists and four-wheel vehicles 2017/10
No.121  pdf Casualty accidents experienced by first graders while commuting to and from school 2017/06
No.120  pdf Correlation analysis between land use characteristics and pedestrian accidents 2017/04
No.119  pdf Preventing angle collision accidents involving elderly drivers 2017/04
No.118  pdf Accidents involving elderly pedestrians while crossing the road 2016/12
No.116  pdf Traffic accidents involving child pedestrians 2016/08
No.115  pdf Pedestrian‒four-wheeled vehicle accidents 2016/05
No.114  pdf Dooring accidents by parked or stopped vehicles 2016/03
No.112  pdf Accidents perpetrated by cyclists 2016/03
No.111  pdf Reducing the number of injured people while driving 2015/09
No.110  pdf Angle collisions leading to fatal and serious injuries of old-old bicycle ridersand 2015/09
No.109  pdf Renewal characteristics of elderly male driverʼs license holders 2015/08
No.107  pdf Preventing driving operation errors 2015/02
No.106  pdf Motor vehicle accidents with child passengerswith child passengers 2015/01
No.105  pdf Serious crossing collision of slow-moving four-wheeled vehicles with two-wheeled vehicles 2014/12
No.104  pdf Injuries to Older Passengers in TInjuries to Older Passengers in Traffic Accidentsraffic Accidents 2014/10
No.103  pdf Pedestrian Crashes on Expressways 2014/07
No.102  pdf Reduction in moped accidents and allwviation of damages 2014/04
No.100  pdf Check for pedestrians at pedestrian crossings 2013/12
No.099 pdf Lets eliminate unlicensed driving accidents 2013/07
No.098  pdf Characteristics of pedestrian accidents on community roads 2013/06
No.097  pdf Wear a helmet to reduce injuries from cycling accidents 2013/02
No.095  pdf Right-turn accidents at signalized intersections 2012/11
No.094  pdf Accidents resulting in pedestrian fatalities occur most frequently with vehicles proceeding straight ahead 2012/10
No.093  pdf Watch out for this when giving people lifts in your car 2012/05
No.092  pdf Characteristics of accidents in which rear seat passengers were not wearing seat belts 2012/04
No.091  pdf Characteristics of motorcycle accidents 2012/03
No.090  pdf Fatal accidents are caused more frequently in the mid-speed range 2011/12
No.088  pdf Rear-end collisions with a moving bicycle-posing a high risk of death 2011/08
No.082 Collisions with roadside structures 2010/09
No.081 Being a safe senior driver - Check your driving habits again - 2019/07
No.080 Highly dangerous single-vehicle accidents : Unconscious steering will put your life in perill 2009/11
No.079 Fatal collisions in low speed ranges;Why are pedestrians killed in low-speed collisions? 2009/06
No.078 You're always at risk on a bicycle 2009/03
No.077 An Approach to Safe Driving for Elders 2009/01
No.076 Traffic Deaths in the Municipalities of Japan (2007) 2008/11
No.075 Mopeds can easily be overlooked 2008/09
No.074 Wear Your Seat Belt in Rear Seat-It's Three Timed Safer! 2008/06
No.073 Repetition of Car Accidents and Traffic violations 2008/03
No.072 Had a Little Bit to Drink - Can I Drive 2008/01
No.071 Senior Drivers' Accident Injuries 2007/12
No.070 Traffic Deaths in the Municipalities of Japan (2006) 2007/11
No.069 Crossing Collisions in View of Road Env 2007/09
No.068 Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers 2007/06
No.067 Accidents Caused by Misjudgment of Road Conditions 2007/03
No.066 Position Head Restraints Properly! 2007/01
No.065 Vehicle Rollover Accidents 2006/11
No.064 Traffic Deaths in the Municipalities of Japan (2005) 2006/09
No.063 Improved Automobile Safety 2006/08
No.062 Traffic Accidents in the Dusk 2006/06
No.061 Is Your Helmet Securely Fastened? 2006/03
No.060 Traffic Accidents Involving Female Drivers 2006/01
No.059 Is Your Car OK? 2005/11
No.058 Traffic Deaths in the Municipalities of Japan (2004) 2005/09
No.057 Thrown from vehicle accidents 2005/08
No.056 Analysis of Human Factors In Crossing Collisions 2005/06
No.055 Are You Wearing Your Seat Belt? 2005/03
No.054 Children's Traffic Accidents 2005/01
No.053 Seniors in Traffic Accidents 2004/11
No.052 Two-Wheeled Vehicle Accidents 2004/09
No.051 Traffic Deaths in the Municipalities of Japan (2003) 2004/08
No.050 Pedestrian Traffic Accidents 2004/06
No.049 Traffic Accidents Involving Electric Wheelchairs - Accidents involving older people are on the rise. 2004/03
No.048 Car Collision into Large Truck Rear-end - Resulting in a Serious Accident 2004/01
No.047 Bicycle Accidents (Part 2)- How Bicyclists Can Avoid Accidents - 2003/12
No.046 Bicycle Accidents -Are you aware that riding your bicycle can be dangerous and cause problems for others?- 2003/12
No.045 Traffic Deaths in the Municipalities of Japan (2002) 2003/10
No.044 Effects of Preventive Measures for Specific Accident-Prone Locations 2003/09
No.043 Why Do Rear-end Collisions Occur? - Contributing Driver Errors - 2003/06
No.042 Lets Buckle up! 2003/03
No.041 Injuries of Older Drivers(In Frontal Collisions) 2003/01
No.040 Traffic Deaths by Municipality in Japan (2001) 2002/11
No.039 Motorcycle Accidents and Helmets 2002/09
No.038 The Child Restraint System - No Magic Chair 2002/06
No.037 Accidents of 'Collision with parked vehicle', fivefold fatality rate!! Many involve collisions with 'Moped 1st class' 2002/03
No.036 Highway Accidents Involving Dangerous Wrong-Way Traveling 2002/01
No.035 Is Your Car Being Inspected? 2001/11
No.034 Increase in vehicle driver and pedestrian fatalities during rainfall 2001/09
No.033 What Sort of Human Errors Cause Traffic Accidents? 2001/06
No.032 Traffic Deaths by Municipality in Japan (2000) 2001/03
No.31 pdf Accidents to Children Involving Relatives or Close Associates - Low-speed Accidents Caused by Relatives or Close Associates - 2001/01