no59 2005
Is Your Car OK?

  In 2004, auto accidents killed 7,358 people and injured 1,183,120. The number of auto accident deaths has
been on the decline in recent years, but not everything is well: the number of auto accidents and that of
injuries, which had been falling for some time, turned upward again in 2003.

  For this issue of ITARDA INFORMATION, we extracted accidents caused by poor maintenance from auto accident statistics (macro statistics) and from the data of auto accident case studies (micro statistics) in
an effort to figure out what types of poor maintenance are likely to cause accidents, and how those accidents
can be prevented.
I. Macro-statistical Analysis
    1. Legal Offenses In All Traffic Accidents
    2. Accidents In Which Inadequate Maintenance Was A Legal Offense
    3. Accidents In Which Inadequate Maintenance Was A Contributing Factor

II. Micro-Statistical Analysis
    1. Shift in the Ratio of Inadequate Maintenance Under Micro Statistics
    2. Accidents In Which Inadequate Maintenance Was Assumed As the Primary Cause
    3. Traffic Accident Case Studies

  Although cars and mopeds are very convenient for travel, improper use can cause auto accidents and environmental contamination, risking not only the driver’s life but the lives of others as well.
  Accidents caused by poor maintenance are preventable if drivers perform pre-drive inspection regularly and faithfully.
  Proper maintenance is therefore essential, not only to protect oneself and others from accidents, but also to protect the environment.

Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA)