Highway Accidents Involving Dangerous Wrong-Way Traveling Highway Accidents Involving Dangerous Wrong-Way Traveling
Highway Accidents Involving Dangerous Wrong-Way Traveling

  It is difficult to understand how someone could end up driving in the wrong direction on the highway. However, 1 in 300 accidents involving personal injury or death is caused by a person driving in the wrong direction. Driving in the wrong direction is extremely dangerous and can lead to major accidents involving injuring or death.
  The following report examines the characteristics and factors involved in wrong-way accidents and gives examples of safety measures to prevent and counteract such accidents on the highways.

1. Occurrence of wrong-way accidents
1. Changes in the number of wrong-way accidents involving injury and death
2. Characteristics of wrong-way accidents
2.1 Accidents according to age range
2.2 Accidents according to month
2.3 Accidents according to time of day
3. Primary factors involved in wrong-way accidents
3.1 Wrong-way driving starting points
3.2 Circumstances involved in wrong-way driving
3.3 Circumstances involved at wrong-way driving starting points
4. New prevention measures
5. Prevention measure examples

  The study found that the primary factors involved in wrong-way accidents can be divided into 4 major causes - 1) traffic violations, including intentional reckless driving and DUI, 2) inattention, including falling asleep at the wheel, carelessness, and absent-mindedness, and 3) impaired judgment, due to some physical illness such as dementia, and 4) insufficient knowledge of basic traffic rules and regulations, including not knowing how to use the highway.
The study also found certain characteristics in common with regard to the driver's age and the wrong-way driving starting points.
  Although the percentage of wrong-way accidents is low compared to the total accidents involving injury and death, a high percentage involve senior citizens, and this is a factor we need to be concerned about, considering the rapid aging of our society.
  In order to prevent this kind of accident, we must not only improve road markings and signposts but also enhance driver awareness through improved driver education.
What should you do if you miss your exit on the highway or end up driving on the wrong side?! !

Do not make a U-turn on the road or at the interchange, but exit the toll booth at the next interchange and then get back on the highway.

Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA)