Is Your Car Being Inspected? Is Your Car Being Inspected?
Is Your Car Being Inspected?

  The increasing motorization of Japan, with current nationwide ownership surpassing 75 million cars, is worsening the nation's traffic congestion and becoming a major social issue. More specifically, vehicle trouble due to inadequate maintenance has brought about unexpectedly serious accidents, and vehicle failure has led to major traffic jams, which in turn have caused traffic accidents. To lessen the number of accidents brought on by inadequate vehicle maintenance, we need an understanding of the actual conditions. Here we have analyzed the statistics and status of accidents that have been caused by inadequate vehicle maintenance, utilizing data from traffic accident statistics (macro statistics) and from traffic accident case studies (micro surveys).
Macro Statistic Analysis
1. Analysis of accidents due to inadequate maintenance (of motorized vehicles, including motorcycle under 50cc) constituting a legal violation by the driver
2. Analysis of vehicle first party accidents by types of inadequate maintenance
Micro Survey Analysis
1. Micro Survey Results on Accidents Due to Inadequate Maintenance (1993 - 2000)
2. Primary examples of how inadequate maintenance may cause or contribute to traffic accidents

  To ensure that vehicles are always in good condition, those who use vehicles are responsible for their proper day-to-day maintenance. In particular, many accidents brought on by the use of inadequate tires, such as the use of summer tires on snowy roads, can be prevented with prior maintenance inspections for different road conditions (studless tires, etc.).

Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA)