no49 2004
Traffic Accidents Involving Electric Wheelchairs  - Accidents involving older people are on the rise. -

  The number of casualties in accidents involving electric wheelchair users is showing a rising tendency each year, and the majority of users involved in accidents are older people. Self-operated electric wheelchairs (the handle-bar type) are a particularly convenient means of getting around for old people who have difficulty walking. Judging from the fact that nowadays approximately 30,000 electric wheelchairs are shipped each year (based on a study conducted by the Electric Wheelchair Safety Association), the number of users will likely continue to increase in the future.
  Against this backdrop, some thought will probably have to be given to traffic safety for electric wheelchairs in order to create safer conditions for Japan's aging society. Traffic accident statistics were analyzed for traffic accidents involving electric wheelchairs that occurred in 2002, and the results of that analysis are outlined herein.

1 What Is an Electric Wheelchair?
2 Analysis of Traffic Accidents Involving Electric Wheelchairs
3 Electric Wheelchair-related Accident Patterns
4 Features of Accidents Involving Electric Wheelchairs
5 Preventing Traffic Accidents Involving Electric Wheelchairs (Particularly the Self-operated Handle-Bar Type)

  Traffic accidents involving electric wheelchairs were analyzed using traffic accident statistics from 2002, and traffic safety measures were considered.
  As the population of older people grows in size, the number of electric wheelchair users is expected to increase in the future, and so is the number of traffic accidents involving electric wheelchairs. In order to prevent such accidents and reduce the injuries that arise from them, both motor vehicle drivers and electric wheelchair users must be made more conscious of traffic safety, with the aim of creating a safer road and traffic environment.

Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA)