no41 2003
The Child Restraint System - No Magic Chair

  With the aging of Japan's population, the percentage of older drivers in the total number of license holders is increasing. The number of older people involved in road accidents is also on the increase. This report will compare traffic casualties between older drivers and the others and examine whether it is valid to say that the aged are more prone to sustain serious injuries than the others when the impact levels are equivalent.
(*"Older" drivers or people in this report are defined as those aged 65 and over unless otherwise specified.)

1. Helmet Types and Structure
1.1. Analyzed Accidents
1.2. Aging Population and Drivers
1.3. Comparison of Accident Situations
1.4. High Risks of Fatality and Serious Injury
1.5. Frequent Chest Injury Among Older Drivers
1.6. Many Chest Injuries Caused by the Steering Wheel
2. Helmet Use and Injuries to Motorcycle Occupants
2.1. Analyzed Accidents
2.2. Chest Injury Due to Seat Belt
2.3. Fracturing of Ribs by Seat Belt
3. Helmet Types and Injury

Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA)