1.Outline and Features of Older Driver Accidents (Macro Statistical Analysis)
1.1. Analyzed Accidents
  To determine the outline and features of accidents involving older drivers, the Comprehensive Database on Traffic Accidents (hereafter referred as "Macro Data") of ITARDA were employed. The ordinary and light passenger cars that recorded frontal collisions in vehicle-alone or vehicle-to-vehicle accidents during the 1993-99 period were selected from the Macro Data. Then, the 163,242 older drivers and the 3,838,752 others (aged 16 to 64) involved in the selected accidents were compared.
1.2. Aging Population and Drivers
  The percentage of older people is steadily enlarging in Japan's population (Figure 1). A similar aging trend is taking place among license holders in Japan (Figure 2). Notably, the number of accident fatalities among vehicle occupants between 1980 and 1999 climbed five-fold among older occupants, while there was practically no increase in fatalities among the others during the same period (Figure 3). It is therefore important for Japan to take measures to protect older occupants.


Fig.1 Japan's population by age group

Fig.2 Trends of composition of license holders by age group

Fig.3 Occupant fatalities by age group (1980 index base)


Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA)