Section 2 Crossing collisions involving mopeds (analysis of statistical study database)
  2-1 Accidents by primary/secondary party*3 and casualties by age group

  Figure 2 shows the number of crossing collisions between mopeds (as Party 1 or 2) and various types of vehicles, the most fatal type of accident. The figure is outstanding for collisions between mopeds as Party 2 and standard/mini passenger cars as Party 1, followed by collisions between mopeds as Party 1 and standard/mini passenger cars as Party 2.
The number for the former case is approximately 3.7 times higher than that for the latter, 16,252 and 4,397, respectively.

Figure 3 illustrates the number of casualties by age group for mopeds, both as primary and secondary parties.
Young people (16-24 years old) constitute the age group most frequently killed or injured regardless of whether they are Party 1 or 2; they account for 6,861 or about 23% of all casualties, especially when they are Party 2.

*3: "Primary party" is the more negligent of the drivers of the vehicles, etc. first involved in a traffic accident, or, if the level of negligence is almost the same, the less injured of the two (referred to as "Party 1").
: "Secondary party" is the driver of the vehicle, etc. other than the primary party first involved in a traffic accident (referred to as "Party 2").

Accidents involving mopeds, by party, from statistical study database

Fig. 2: Number of collisions causing casualties, by party (2007)
Fig. 3: Number of casualties, by age group, for Parties 1 & 2 (2007)
  2-2 Forms of crossing collisions involving mopeds

  Crossing collisions with mopeds being Party 2 are classified by the approaching direction of the involved car at an intersection, as shown in Fig. 4 in percentages according to our statistical study database. Collisions with cars approaching from the left make up a high percentage of about 63%. In view of this result, the following section analyzes the results and causes of such collisions, particularly the human factors, based on our in-depth study database on traffic accident case studies.

Fig. 4: Number of accidents between Party 2 mopeds and crossing vehicles, by approaching direction (2007)
With a vehicle coming from the right
With a vehicle coming from the left


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